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Treasured Babies


Twice as Nice- Bath Time! $120.00   

Tucked away in this dark wicker basket is a bundle of fun for baby bath time!  Toys, diapers, wash cloths, shampoo, lotions, creams brush & comb, and each baby gets their own puppet wash mitt. Bath time for twins just got a whole lot more fun!

 Bath time fun with Pooh  $88.00  

Any new mom would be thrilled with this super plush hooded bath towel surrounding 20 diapers with 4 wash cloths sitting on 10 more diapers! To complete this Pooh bear gift is an assortment of Johnson baby products, bear slippers with socks, and an adorable Tigger plush baby rattle.

 It's a Boy!  $80.00  

A different version of a diaper cake! This motorcycle version has 34 diapers comprising the two tires, plush stuffed animal, 2 recieving blankets, teething ring, booties, wash cloth, bibs and face cloth. Girl version also available!

A Truck load of Fun $140.00  NEW!!

For the first builders in the family, learning can't start early enough. This sturdy extra large CAT dump truck will provide hours of playing enjoyment. Added fun items include, Mega blocks, Fisher Price stacking ring, lots of links, Plush Teddy Bear, little Elmo teether, Rubber Ducky, slippers, all nestled in a soft homemade carriage blanket.

 Pretty in Pink! $76.00  

This super cute diaper cake is adorned with soft plush Disney Piglet and comes complete with a bottle, teether, bath time products and 42 diapers. A great start for the new parents!


Bath time Babies! $45.00  

Bath time fun and a great little welcome to the newest addition to the family. Available in Girl, Boy or Neutral designs. Diaper babies wrapped up in face cloths, teether, socks, Johnson bath products, and rubber ducky complete this design.

Baby Girl Pretty in Pink! $42.00   

A delightful welcoming gift for their special new bundle of joy. This gift box comes with a darling pink rubber ducky, a onesie, soft receiving blanket, wash cloths, and cookies and mints for mom!.

Just for Him!  $38.00  Sorry Sold out

Great for baby shower, hospital visit or when mom comes home! Perfect to say "Welcome Precious little Boy". Shown, a onesie, wash cloths, rubber ducky, brush and comb..bath time fun!! All wrapped up in an adorable gift box and a cookie treat for mom!  


Bathtime with Nemo! $75.00  "SORRY SOLD OUT"

This delightful gift is fun and functional. This super plush Nemo hooded towel is actually a diaper cake! Everything the new mom needs for bathtime fun. Includes 4 soft nemo face cloths, a selection of Johnson bath products, comb, and to top it off, an adorable stuffed whale rattle for baby.


Sleepytime Comfort Pets!  NEW!   

Created from the softest of-so-soft bubble fabric, these sleeptime pets can be used as a puppet, to settle children at night, stress relief, or colic. Warm or cold therapy. Various pets available. Shown here is Wooly lamb $30.00 and Pet Duck $35.00.  We would be happy to include one of these adorable pets in a larger gift basket.  

Watch for more Warm Buddys soon!  Look for Bear, Wooly and Moosey!