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Welcome to our July / August newsletter!

Special Birthday for a very special country in which we live in. 

I hope everyone will take some time to enjoy Canada Day celebrations going on around this great country of ours. We are one nation from many other countries joined to form this beautiful land of ours. Celebrate and embrace for all it has to offer.

Birthdays, Weddings, Babies, Anniversaries, so much to celebrate over the Summer months. Let A Treasured Gift be a part of your gifting needs.  We have something for everyone, as who would not enjoy a beautiful gift basket full of an array of products. We can customize any basket from our regular line or just make one up to suit your recipient !  Just call or email us and we will take care of all the details.

We are so pleased to let you know we now carry array of products from Warm Buddy, from Spa items, to Babies, please be sure to check out our line. Some products will be added as available from our supplier.  Flexibility is our standard, we would be happy to design a gift to suit your recipient anytime!!   

We are proud to sell Canadian made products.

We have something to offer to everyone, and all budgets. If you do not see a design in any of our catagories please call me or email and we can discuss and come up with a gift sure to please and within your budget! Our goal is to provide memorable gifts for your recipient that they will treasure for a life time


For our Corporate clients, you can also provide us with some marketing items to put in your customers baskets...here are a few suggestions!

 Dentist- Travel size brush & toothpaste, Physio & Massage- Pedometers or stress balls.. Nail techs & Hair Stylists- Nail files, small sample size hand creams, shampoos or conditioners. Optometrists- Eyeglass wipes,  Realtors- Calendar magnets for fridge, conversion magnets, pens & pads.  Pet Groomers- Dog treats. Car Sales- Car air freshners. Accountants & Financial planners- mini purse size calculator with pen and pad.....

Key Dates for 2017!

Jan 1 - New years Day

Feb 13 - Family Day

Feb 14 -  Valentine's Day

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

April 14 - Good Friday

April 16 - Easter Sunday

April 26 - Administrative Professionals Day

May 14 - Mother's Day

May 12 - Nurse's Day

May 22 - Victoria Day 

June 18 - Father's Day

July 1 - Canada Day

Aug 7 -Civic Holiday

Sept 4 - Labour Day

Oct  9 - Thanksgiving

Oct 31 - Halloween

Nov 11 - Remembrance Day

Dec 25 - Christmas Day


July / Aug Recipe!


This can't get any easier for this delicious Canadian Dish! Spread fries on a cookie sheet, bake in oven according to directions. Drop store bought cheese curds over cooked fries and put in oven only til melted goodness oozes over the fries. (our local Kawartha Dairy has the best curds to buy) I just pick up a package of store bought poutine gravy. Mix and cook as directed and pour over the melted cheesy fries. Enjoy!

Kitchen Hacks you will love!

If you have your butter in the fridge and need to butter toast, grate it then sprinkle on toast to melt.

To check for freshness of eggs, fill a glass up with water, if the egg floats it's not so fresh, if it falls to the bottom it is fresh.

To cook an omelette without a pan, take a baggie, put in 3 eggs, cheese, S & P, Hot sauce, onion...anything you want. Ziplock the top and give it a shake to mix the ingredients. Put in a simmering water bath for approx. 8 minutes. Ta Da!

To clean a BBQ grill, cut an onion in half and use the flat side on the grill.

Squeeze a 1/2 lemon between tongs, cut side up so the seeds don't get into the food.

When you bring home green onions from the store or garden, cut them up and put in a jar in fridge. They will last longer, but you will use them faster as they are ready to go!

Soak dried pasta for 60-90 minutes. Then boil for only 2 minutes til done. Tastes like fresh pasta.

Use an egg slicer for strawberries and mushrooms. Works great!




We welcome Warm Buddy products to our line!