When a smile is all the thanks you need!
Get Well / Feel Better
Sometimes showing you are thinking of them makes a world of difference.


Sleepytime Comfort Pets   NEW!

Created from the softest oh so soft bubble fabric. Sleepytime comfort pets can be used as a puppet, to settle children at night, stress relief or for colic. Warm or cold therapy. We would be happy to include this in a basket with added products. Various pets available. As shown Little Buddy Wooly Sheep $30.00 & Sleepytime Duck $35.00


Get Well, or Just Feel Better!   $35.00  NEW!

Perfect gift to send someone who recovering, feeling down or just want them to know you are thinking of them. Teas, cookies, soft caramels, chocolates and more will sure to make them feel better in no time at all.


Get Well   $50.00

Treats, teas, something to read. Help them re-coup with this thoughtful gift. 

Feel Better!  $52.00

Whether they are ill, recouperating, or just need a pick me up...this gift is perfect.  A little of everything goes in this gift with love. Cookies, candies, chocolates, tea or coffee. For added comfort a magazine or puzzle book of choice.