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Gifts From The Heart
Choose a gift, or have a few wrapped in a Basket!


 iPad retro wooden kitchen holder!  $28.00

Perfect hostess gift for anytime of the year! This handmade wooden replica of a cheeseboard, stands up beautifully and positions an iPad or cookbook for the chef of the house to follow their recipes! Comes in a few different colours. Purchase alone or add it to a gift basket.

 Brie baker, maple walnut toppings & oven mitts!

Black brie baker, maple walnut toppings and one piece oven mitts. A great combination for any occasion gift. Housewarming gift comes to mind!! Sold seperately or as a complete gift. Can be paired with other items for that ultimate gift basket. Oven mitts are available in various patterns.

Black Brie Baker & toppings $20.00 Custom one piece oven mitts $23.00

 Brie Baker, Mini Cookbook & Warmer Set  $24.00

Anytime gift! Gift wrapped and ready to go...or have a theme created around it in a gift basket!

Potato Baker! $16.00

Cooks perfect baked potatoes in your micro. Saves time & energy and also works well for other veg such as sweet potatoes and corn on the cob. Various patterns are available.



 Cheese knife block set!  $35.00

This three peice knife set features high quality Japanese stainless steel riveted to beautiful pearlescent Lucite handles. The three blades shapes are designed for firm, soft and medium textured cheeses. and are housed in a specially designed two piece tin that doubles as a knife block.

The Canadian Weatherstick! $10.50

The natural weather predictor from the north woods of Ontario!  Stick bends up to foretell fairweather and down for foul weather. Stick hangs on outside wall exposed to the weather. It really works!!  SOLD OUT

Magnetic Microwave Mitts! $15.00

Perfect for handling hot dishes out of the mircowave. Magnets attach them to the side of your micro for easy access. Various patterns are available.

Non-Scents!  $12.00

Pouches can be placed anywhere: Fridge, freezer,cupboards, shoes, or just about any place you want to absorb unwanted odors and moisture. They last 4-6 months and when you start to notice an odor, you can re-charge it by placing it outside in direct sunlight for 8-10 hours. It is then ready to use again! Very environmental friendly & re-usable.

Non-Scents pouches are filled with zeolite, natures deoderizer making them fragrance free & safe for people & pets. 

Beddy-Bears   $25.00 (wrapped in cello with a hand tied bow)

Environmentally friendly and oh so cuddly! These bears warm in the microwave for comfort from pain & discomfort or put them in the freezer to help a headache. When warmed they have a comforting lavender aroma. The bears can be sold individually or we can create a gift basket around them. Makes a great Get Well gift.