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When a smile is all the thanks you need!
More Christmas 2023!
Christmas is a time for giving, make everyone's holiday sparkle with a little help from us! . All of our designs are in limited supply, when gone we will replace with same or higher priced items.


Joyful Times! $53.00

Express your thanks this holiday season while visiting friends and loved ones. This keepsake large metal sleigh with plastic liner makes a great hostess gift. Includes, Waterbridge dark chocolate bark, milk chocolate caramel bites, Millie's gourmet hot chocolate, caramel pop corn, chocolate & toffee pretzel & 1/4 LB piece of delicious gourmet fudge.


Prancer!  $38.00  

A delicious gift to share or for one. This holiday wood gift box is loaded with epicurean delights such as, Funky chunky, milk chocolate caramel bites, cookie it up chocolate chip shortbreads, caramels, sweet & savory bar mix, Millie's gourmet hot chocolate, & chocolate & toffee covered pretzels.


Festive Trees!  $37.00

This reusable wooden gift basket holds an array of gourmet delights and is perfect for so many. Includes Ghiradelli's, Godiva, Lindor chocolates, Cookie it up shortbreads, thin & crispy peanut brittle, gourmet pretzel from Twisted Sisters & Funky chunky peanut butter cocolate popcorn.

Sweet & Savory!   $60.00  

Displayed on this gift of a sustainable bamboo serving/cutting board include smoked salmon, spreader, Brie, jam, Hot Mama's Jelly, Carr's crackers, pretzel chocolate rods, chocolate caramel bites, & dark chocolate blood orange covered caramels. Perfect for anyone who enjoys charcuterie delights.

Seasons Greetings !  $62.00   

Send warm wishes with this festive holiday gift! Caramel popcorn, Ma's Kitchen crunch chocolate bar, Cambridge & Thames fruit drops, Jelly Belly's, Ghiradelli squares, British butter cookies & 2 Millie's gourmet hot chocolates. Truly a thoughtful gift.

Santa's North Pole!   $80.00

A dazzling array of gourmet treats await the receiver of this keepsake wooden gift box with liner. Includes British hazelnut wafer rolls, Cappuccino wafers, Carr's crackers, Cambridge & Thames wild berry drops, soft chocolate brownie cookies, sweet & salty nutz mix, Camembert cheese, hazelnut truffles & 1/4 lb gourmet fudge.

Holiday Cheer!  $57.00

Keepsake wood sleigh with liner holds delicious Too good salted caramel creme brulee cookies, Funky chunky, caramels, caramel popcorn, Lindor truffles, holiday Jelly Belly's, & Twisted sister gourmet pretzel.

Joy to the World!   $70.00

Great for a sharable office or family gift, or for a single, your choice. Full of yummy treats, this metal container includes Peanut brittle, Millie's gourmet hot chocolates, Ma's Kitchen crunch chocolate nut bars, tin of British butter cookies, Walkers shortbreads, Ghiradelli chocolate bars, & a tin of wild berry drops.

Spirit of the Season    $150.00

Sweet, savoury & warm drinks is the theme of this gift all nestled on a beautiful authentic decorative wood and metal sleigh. Epicurean delights abound with Pluck teas, Fancy cocktail nuts, Brie cheese, Brie baker, cookie it up chocolate chip shortbreads, Millie's gourmet dips, rich and sweet 1/4 lb fudge, Hot Mama's jelly, Peanut brittle, and a dark chocolate bar.