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At A Treasured Gift, we create all of our designs. They are not pre-made from a supplier and re-sold! Keep up to date on latest trends, products and more!!

Welcome to our April 2024 Newsletter!    

Well 2024 is already flying by as we enter the month of April already!  Many are not aware that we offer gifts for pets! Yes, there is not a section for it, however we can curate a design to your liking.  Perhaps your dog walker has a pet of their own? We can combine pet & human treats in one as a thank you....a friend has a new pet? A great welcome to the family gift. Whatever the reason, perhaps think of us to provide a gift. 

For our corporate clients, we would be happy to put any of your swag or marketing materials within the gifts we create for your clients, just ask! As always, our designs can be a jumping off point for your creations. We can customize and work within your budgets.   

We are now proud members of both the Orillia District Chamber of Commerce & Ramara Chamber of Commerce.  Please remember it is very important to shop local and support your communities.

Gift baskets or care packages can be one of the favorite means to show appreciation to front line workers, loved ones in quarantine, and sympathy for the loss of a loved one. Babies are still being born, people are still moving into new homes, and Birthday's are still happening as well. Why not make their day special!

Here are Great Reasons to give a gift basket! Be Grateful, Thankful, Appreciative, Caring & Supportive.

Birthday, Bereavement, I'm Sorry, Hostess Gift, Housewarming, New Baby, Baby Shower, Sympathy, Get Well, Graduation, Off to School, Retirement, Corporate, Thank you, Customer Appreciation, Wedding, Anniversary, New Home, Welcome Home, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, Holiday Best Wishes, Bon Voyage, Grand Opening, Charitable Events, Employee Awards.


Key Dates for 2024!

Jan 1 - New years Day

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

Feb 19 - Family Day

March 17 -  St. Patrick's Day

March 29  - Good Friday 

March 31  - Easter Sunday

April 25 - Administrative Professionals Day

May 6 - Nurse's Day

May 12 - Mother's Day

May 20 - Victoria Day 

June 16 - Father's Day

July 1 - Canada Day

Aug 5 -Civic Holiday

Sept 2 - Labour Day 

Sept 8 - Grandparent's Day

Oct 11 - Yom Kippur begins sunset

Oct 14 - Thanksgiving

Oct 31 - Halloween

Nov 11 - Remembrance Day

Dec 25 - Hanukkah begins sunset

Dec 25 - Christmas Day


Recipe for April

Chicken Bundles

1 cup diced cooked chicken, 1/2 cup grated mozz cheese, 2 chopped green onions, 1/4 cup mayo, & 1 can Pillsbury crescents.

Heat oven to 375, combine chicken, cheese, onions and mayo.

Unroll dough and separate into 4 rectangles, pinching perforations to seal. Divide chicken mix into 4 equal parts and placing in center of rectangles. Pull 4 corners of dough to top center of filling, twist firmly to seal.

Place on ungreased baking sheet. Bake for 11 to 13 minutes and serve warm.

Side salad makes a complete and easy meal for lunch or dinner!








For our Corporate clients, you can also provide us with some marketing items to put in your customers baskets...here are a few suggestions!

 Dentist- Travel size brush & toothpaste, Physio & Massage- Pedometers or stress balls.. Nail techs & Hair Stylists- Nail files, small sample size hand creams, shampoos or conditioners. Optometrists- Eyeglass wipes,  Realtors- Calendar magnets for fridge, conversion magnets, pens & pads.  Pet Groomers- Dog treats. Car Sales- Car air fresheners. Accountants & Financial planners- mini purse size calculator with pen and pad.....

Let the Mug say it all!

The Canadian Dictionary mugs says it all in our slang and a touch of humor. We can fill these mugs with an array of gourmet items sure to please.

Prices range from $20.00 to $25.00 depending on what is included.