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When a smile is all the thanks you need!
Get Well / Sympathy
Showing you are thinking of them makes a world of difference.


Hope you feel better soon!   $92.00 

Taste the rainbow of gourmet treats! Whether they are ill or just need to know someone is thinking of them, this gift box is sure to pick them up. Comes with an array of teas, candies, cookies, chocolates and an aromatherapy sleep mask. 


Sweet Treats!   $52.50   

Perfect gift to send someone who recovering, feeling down or just want them to know you are thinking of them. What  better than some soothing tea and delicious assortment of treats. Includes, 2 boxes of Lift teas, Cookie it Up salted caramel shortbreads, chocolate crackle cookies, butterscotch candy drops, & Godiva dark chocolate bar all enrobed within this keepsake wooden floral container. Will sure to make them feel better soon!


Get Well   $70.00    

We can customize this gift to suit the receiver. Magazine, books, puzzles, can all be added to a gift, this one includes, People Magazine, Chocolate Chip cookies, Ma's Kitchen Buttercrunch bars, Handfuel cashews Imperial nut snack mix, Cookie it up Salted butterscotch shortbreads, Butter caramel popcorn and more!  Priced as shown in picture. 

Winter Cabin!  $35.00 

All the hugs and warm feelings they need wrapped up in this solid wooden themed box. They'll enjoy Lindor truffle, gourmet tea, a large mug, 2 shortbread cookies, Pirouline wafers, Laura Secord fudge, & a hot chocolate bomb.

Spa Therapy!  $92.00  

This reusable metal container is a delight for the soul. Relaxing items & delicious goodies makes this a winner. Aromatherapy sleep mask, grapefruit & brown sugar bath bombs, teas, cookies, bark, caramels and bonbons. 

Get Well Beary Soon!  $65.00    

Wish them well and for a speedy recovery with this reusable solid wooden box, a super soft Warm buddy plush bear that warms in the microwave, Lindors, tea, Cookie it up chocolate chip shortbread, and a large mug. Beverage can be replaced with hot chocolate if you wish.

Warming Wellness!   $60.00   

They will feel better soon with this gift of gourmet treats and rich hand cream. Such goodies include, Ma's Kitchen buttercream bar, Waterbridge dark chocolate bar, fruit drops, Scottish short breads, caramel wafers, honey roasted snack mix and Me Time hand cream.

Get Well Soon!  $38.00    

A smile and speedy recovery is the goal of this gift!  Packed full of well wishes & delicious treats like mixed fruit drops, tea, lindor truffle, honey roasted snack mix, shortbreads and Ma's Kitchen buttercrunch bar. 

Cuddle Buddy  $38.00   

Brand new, these are the softest therapy animals you will have the pleasure to give. They warm up! Great for so many occasions. You can buy as one or add to a gift basket. Choose Bear, Puppy, Bunny or Sheep!

Quiet Moments    

Great for many reasons. Get well, tea lover, new home..the list is endless. Shown here is a sleep mask ($24.00), a warming pillow & essential oil ($26.00), and a Hug in a Mug with gourmet hot chocolate bomb, Ma's kitchen bar, Pirouline wafers, Village hot chocolate.($25.00) All of these items can be gifted in a bigger vessel if wished.