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When a smile is all the thanks you need!
Cuddle & Kind
Introducing our new line up! Artisan Made in Peru, Ethically Produced Fair Trade, Lovingly Handcrafted. 1 doll = 10 Meals! I picture = 5 Meals.


 Introducing Violet!   Born April 20th  13" Tall  $75.00   Frame ready picture $10.00

I come from a magnificent forest where all paths lead to adventure & fun. Being outdoors, skipping & running makes me smile ear to ear!

 Chloe!     Born August 12th   13" Tall  $73.00    Frame ready picture $10.00  

I love to hop in tall grass. Let's be best friends so we can inspire each other to do something awesome everyday!

Willow!        Born June 7th   13" Tall   $73.00   Frame ready picture $10.00

I come from an enchanted forest & love to collect berries. Dream big and never hold yourself back. We can do anything we put our minds to! 

Hudson!    Born January 12th  20" Tall $95.00  Frame ready picture $10.00

I live with my twin sister Stella. I'd love to stand on top of a mountain one day. Come with me, no telling how much we can climb when we believe in ourselves. Let's go far together!



 Stella! Arrived!!   Born January 12th  13" Tall  $75.00  Frame ready picture $10.00

I live way up north near the top of the world with my twin brother Hudson. I believe we are all like snowflakes- different in our own beautiful way. Believe in yourself!

Lola!  Arrived!!!  Born August 2nd  13" Tall  $75.00  Frame ready picture  $10.00

I live high in the mountains where I love to frolic with my brother. I do what I say I am going to do and nothing can stop me!

Zara! Arrived!!  Born February 5th  13" Tall  $75.00  Frame ready picture $10.00

I come from a lush, mystical forest where I can gallop and chase rainbows. Come dream with me!