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When a smile is all the thanks you need!
Christmas 2020!
So pleased to offer our 2020 Seasonal Gifts! It's been a rough year to say the least. Why not send a gift to a special someone or group. We ship Canada wide. Order Early as we will sell out.


Sleigh Bells!  $35.00  

Sweet idea for Teachers, Bus drivers or Dog walkers,  just to name a few! This wicker sleigh is packed full of delightful treats sure to please. Includes gourmet hot chocolate, shortbread cookies, cocoa dusted truffles, Lindors, Stash organic tea and delicious chocolate brownies.


Joyful Treats!   $38.00  SORRY Sold Out!

Enjoy the magic of the holidays with this keepsake metal tin. Great gift for so many. They'll enjoy Laura Secord butter cream fudge, chocolate brownies, Sweet & Joy cocoa wafers, Pirouline hazelnut chocolate cookies, & Imperial nuts sweet & savoury bar mix.


Holiday Variety! $38.00  

Holiday cheer for family & friends.  There are 4 different holiday designs to choose from. They all include decadent tasty treats sure to please. Hot Chocolate, Imperial sweet & savoury bar mix, Laura Secord fudge, Rock Coast toffee bar, Walkers shortbreads and a Kind Bar. 


White Christmas!  $42.00   SORRY Sold Out!

Sure to be appreciated by anyone on your list this year. This keepsake distressed wooden white container is compact but big on fun and flavours! Includes an array of holiday cheer and gourmet fare. Lindor milk chocolate stick, Jelly Belly's, hot chocolate, smoked salt toffee bark, Hard Bite artisan chips., blueberry lemon biscotti, & Chicago mix popcorn caramel & cheddar mix. Delicious!!!


Wolf Lake!  $48.00

This Reindeer split wooden planter pot is full of delicious treats that keep them coming back for more. If you  are looking for a Great "Guy" gift, this is perfect. Loaded with goodies such as Cheddar/Bacon cheese ball mix, Great Canadian Meat Co. pepperoni stick, Hand Fuel Pistachios, Laura Secord chocolate fudge, MADE Chocolate Almond Bar, Gourmet Village Hot Chocolate, Imperial Almond sack mix, Mini Kind bar,& Hazelnut Toffee bark. Also great for a "Share" basket.


Tartan! $48.75  SORRY Sold Out!

Wish them the merriest of holidays with hand selected gourmet treats which would also make an amazing Hostess gift. This plaid vessel contains 3 Lindor truffles, Lindt milk chocolate stick, Walkers shortbread, McGinnis shortbread in cookie tin, Mr. Brownie delicious chocolate brownies, Laura Secord fudge, Chocolate covered Grahams, creamy delicious hot chocolates, & finally smooth & creamy caramels. Truly a memorable and thoughtful gift they'll love!


Holiday Traditions!   $56.00    Almost Sold  Out !

Send holiday cheer with this gourmet collection for all to share. With enough to fill one or a group, they'll enjoy delicious hot chocolate, Lemon blueberry biscotti, Hardbite handcrafted chips, Imperial nut & chocolate combo snacks, Cambridge & Thames butter cookies, Cavendish & Harvey wild berry bonbons, Rock Coast toffee bark and Handfuel dry roasted pistachios! 


Happy Holidays! $60.00 

This rustic Farm Fresh container is perfect for so many on your list. Their face will light up when presented with this gift. Contains, Ferrero Rocher, Cavendish & Harvey caramels, Walkers pure butter shortbreads, Laura Secord fudge, a tin of delicious shortbreads, Caramels, Rock Coast toffee bark, McSteven's Hot Chocolate, Sweet & savoury bar mix, and cocoa waffle cookies.


Joy to the World! $60.00

Sharing the warmth of the season, and be the reason your co-workers, friends, or loved ones enjoy the holiday season by sending them this sweet gift. Filled with decadent brownies, chocolate covered grahams, hot chocolate, cocoa dusted truffles, MADE chocolate bars, & Godiva milk chocolate caramel bar.


The Algonquin!  $60.00

This keepsake reusable wooden tree embossed container with liner will be enjoyed over the years even after the tasty treats have disappeared! Enjoy the cocoa supreme hot chocolate, Godiva dark chocolate almonds, Walkers Shortbreads, Laura Secord Fudge, Moose mints, Mixed fruit candies,Godiva milk chocolate caramel filled bar, and chocolate covered grahams. Smiles all around!